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4 top functions of electric desks
Electric desks are not only modern, but they also serve as a wonderful example of how high technology can streamline our daily lives. Thanks to their innovative features, electric desks are growing in popularity among those who prioritize their work comfort and efficiency.
Best ways to organize your reception area. Comfortable spaces for your visitors and staff
Effective space management is a key element when it comes to designing a modern office. In today’s business world proper organization of the reception area matters a lot for creating your business image and providing smooth customer service. This article takes a closer look at the best practices, which contribute to creating friendly environment both for the visitors as well as the staff. At MARO Office Furniture Factory we know what we do!
Reception counter – long-lasting first impression. How to design it?
The reception counter is not only the showpiece of any office, but it also plays a key role in creating company image. It serves as both an aesthetic and representative element, but it must also be functional and durable. A carefully designed reception counter should reflect the company's nature, therefore it's worth taking care of it. It builds a positive brand image, showing from the very first glance the style of your office. Learn the most crucial tips for designing a reception counter directly from our specialists – welcome to MARO Office Furniture Factory.
Perfect reception counter for your business
A reception counter is the first thing visitors notice when they enter your office or company headquarters. It is your company’s showpiece and the first impression you make on your customers and business partners. That's why it's vital for the reception counter to be not only practical, but also presentable and matching the nature of your business. At MARO Office Furniture Factory, we realize that, and therefore, we offer Emel and Vero reception counters that meet the highest standards in terms of sizes, materials as well as style.
New products at MARO
Recent changes on the furniture market have been very fast-paced. This is related to the growing awareness of employee comfort in offices as well as the shift away from the classic working systems towards hybrid work. Lately, much agile office furniture, which adapts to home office work, has appeared on the market. There are also many products designed with a view to streamline office work. More and more attention is paid to the negative impact of noise on employees' efficiency and well-being.
Zones in a modern office
Proper space management is crucial in any modern office. It should be divided into zones that fulfill different functions, but all together form a coherent, organized whole. What matters is not only the design of the rooms, but also whether the employees benefit from the space and whether the office furniture is selected well. If it is, carrying out daily duties becomes much easier and more enjoyable and productivity rises. Check out what you should know regarding office zones.
Impact of proper acoustics on employee well-being
Noise pollution is a massive worldwide concern affecting us both outdoors as well as in indoor spaces, where we spend a significant part of our time. Many governmental organizations, including the WHO, are researching this issue.
Workspace Expo Paris 2023
During the Workspace Expo in Paris, we had the opportunity to present our latest solutions and learn about the needs and expectations of our customers!
BookinGO – office resource management systems
The office reality has been evolving exponentially in recent years, greatly influenced by the pandemic. Many businesses, including furniture manufacturers, have had to adapt to the new expectations of their employees, primarily regarding remote and hybrid work modes.
GS Certificate - Geprüfte Sicherheit
We are proud to announce that the products of MARO Office Furniture Factory have been awarded prestigious Geprüfte Sicherheit certification. PRO P and PRO Z cabinet systems have just joined -eM workstation desks, Lano-E and Sirio desks, AXY-Line conference tables and TOP pedestals. New categories of our furniture are receiving this exceptional distinction.