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Electric desks for students: is it worth investing in health from a young age?
Students, trying to arrange their personal space in a shared room or apartment, don’t pay much attention to the desk they use. However, it is at this desk that they will be spending long hours studying and working on the computer. Check out how students’ health can benefit from the use of an electric desk.
5 ways to integrate an electric desk into a minimalist interior
A minimalist interior seems to be a limitation for those who intend to use a desk in it. Fortunately, this is only an impression as there are some tricks that allow for an interesting, yet functional arrangement of an office, and at the same time minimalist space. Discover 5 ways to integrate an electric desk into such interior.
What do office workers say about electric desks?
The electric desk is a piece of furniture that users can easily adapt to their needs. Both for sitting and standing work. Our customers eagerly choose electrically adjustable desks available in the MARO store. Thanks to that, we know exactly what they think of this piece of furniture and why they value it so much. Of all the desks available in our offer, the electric desk is the most popular one. For good reason. Considering what office workers say about these pieces of furniture, they are certainly worth buying.
How a desk for two can change your remote work experience
A desk for two people is an essential part of a modern office space, also the one set in your home. It’s more than a simple piece of furniture. A desk for two people is both functional and pleasant to look at thanks to its design. It represents a comfortable and inspirational work space. Check out how it can change your remote working experience.
How to effectively choose a double desk for a home office?
A double desk is a piece of furniture that is designed to optimize space as much as possible. If selected well, it can create comfortable working conditions in a home office. This solution works well in situations where it’s not possible to create two separate workstations.
Rules of creating an ergonomic workstation for two employees
An ergonomic workstation is a comfortable chair, a desk with a top at the right height, properly set monitor and good lighting. In this piece we’d like to present the rules of creating an ergonomic workstation not for one but for two people.
Assembly and maintenance of electric desk: everything you need to know
The electric desks by MARO are designed for people who appreciate aesthetics, functionality and comfort. We deliver our desks to our clients in parts, and they do need to be assembled by the clients themselves. Each set comes with step-by-step instructions on how to assemble and operate the item. Below you can find out more about each of those activities based on the chosen piece of furniture.
Let's meet in the Capitals!
This month we will have the opportunity to meet up twice, in two different European capitals! MARO is pleased to inform you and invite you to visit our stands! In Warsaw, we will have the pleasure of participating in the industry event for architects and interior designers - Achitect@Work, which will take place on 15-16 May. Our stand will feature new products, designed in line with the latest design trends and with sustainability in mind. In London, MARO will take part in Clerkenwell Design Week, the UK's leading design festival, taking place from 21-23 May. Known as one of the most important design centres in the world, Clerkenwell is a melting pot of innovation and inspiration. In addition to our top products, our stand will feature new products that fit perfectly into the inspiring atmosphere of the event. Be sure to save both dates! We hope to be able to meet you!
Are electric desks eco-friendly? Energy consumption analysis
Changing your position from sitting to standing while working for hours has a positive impact on your mood, health and productivity. An electric desk allows you to adjust the height of your desktop in just a few seconds. This is thanks to a modern mechanism powered by electricity. Does a height-adjustable desk generate higher electricity bills?
An electric desk: a real response to health needs or just a whim?
Nowadays, many people are spending a significant part of their day seated at a desk. For this reason, we are starting to pay more and more attention to our health and opt for more ergonomic solutions in the workplace. One of such solutions is an electric desk.