People constitute MARO. Every single day, they care about the functioning and growth of the company. We know that their development and building a sense of a common cuase translates to benefits for the entire company, therefore it is crucial for us to work in an atmosphere of understanding, respect and trust. We are aware that it is the human capital that allows us to achieve success.

We are a family-run company, which employs 200 people.

We offer fair working conditions, encourage creativity and head towards common future. We invest in our employees and make sure they feel like a part of our family. Thanks to this, we are never short of motivation and mutual support, and the challenges we face only make us stronger.


Regional Export Sales Manager

Our Clients value our commitment the most, both at the stage of creating an offer tailored to them, as well as in the after-sales period. It is absolutely vital to be able to solve any design problems through an individual approach and openness to any product modifications, allowing the customer to feel that they are in the hands of professionals.


Export Customer Service Specialist

What matters in our work is meticulousness - both when entering an order and while responding to any questions and doubts related to the services or offered products. We cooperate with the procurement and logistics departments; we form a bridge between them and the client.


Procurement specialist

Our work largely consists in the ability to make decisions in such a way that at the end of the day the client receives the best price and the shortest possible waiting time for the final product. Risk assessment and the ability to estimate factory needs are indispensable elements of this work.


Specialist Valuation

We always strive to respond to our customers' needs, which is why we are constantly developing and expanding our furniture range. When designing new products, it is not only the final appearance that is important to us, but also an efficient production process and cost optimisation. These elements determine the implementation of new products.


Domestic Sales Specialist

Our job is to provide comprehensive customer service. In our work, it is the client who is in the center of our activity. It is the client who initiates everything. We want every single order to be processed with due care and a personalized approach. Our attitude is in line with our brand vision - MARO as a family and caring brand.

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