It is clear for us that novel ideas are our future. Our constant investment in innovation is vital for ensuring that ​our products and solutions are top-notch. This attitude is reflected in everything we do, from technical processes to our approach to development of our employees.

Technological department

Our technological department is a strong team. Our specialists are the best in their fields of expertise. Thanks to efficient project management, world-class software and skills, MARO is able to respond flexibly to market changes and prepare dedicated solutions for even the most demanding customers.

Machinery park and technique

Steel processing expertise

2D and 3D lasers

Thanks to the cutting accuracy of 0.01 mm, lasers for cutting pipes and profiles allow to reduce the amount of waste or even entirely eradicate it. The repeatability and accuracy ensured by the laser significantly affects the durability of the joints. Thanks to the use of this machine in the production process, we can create invisible joints.

Modern welding center

A welding robot, thanks to the latest CMT welding technique, welds aesthetically while maintaining high work speed and repeatability.

Eco-friendly powder paint shop

Powder paint is ecologically neutral. No need to use diluents and solvents makes this method not only long-lasting, but also environmentally friendly. This energy-saving process guarantees a smooth surface without stains, bubbles and wrinkles.

CNC press for sheet bending

The CNC press for bending sheet metal ensures high quality and repeatability of bending elements made of sheet metal and steel.

Woodworking expertise

Modern CNC wood processing center

It is equipped with two aggregates for edge bending, both in the traditional way with the use of adhesive and laser ones. It is responsible for melting a special functional layer that allows the replacement of the adhesive with a polymer in the color of the edge. This technique guarantees much higher durability and resistance to moisture, as well as a virtually invisible joints between the board and the edge.

Storing and cutting boards station

A panel saw combined with an automatic warehouse using a board cutting optimization program reduces working time, enables maintenance-free night work, reduces the amount of waste and generates barcodes for each form. The code is later used to control other CNC machines.

Edge banding machine with laser technology

A robotic narrow edge banding station ensures aesthetics, durability, precision and full automation of the technological process.

Carpentry expertise

Handmade reception counters

Hand gluing of the carcasses allows for precision a machine cannot achieve. At this production stage, human work is irreplaceable.

Upholstery shop - furniture details of the highest quality

Our specialists with an eye for detail are responsible for top quality upholstered elements.

Fully-glued carcass furniture

Due to gluing in the factory, carcass furniture gains robustness, geometry and durability that screwed cabinets do not have. It also saves assembly time.

Pioneers of development
Laser edge blending

We were the first company in Poland to implement laser edge technology (improved aesthetics, hygiene - no visible joint that accumulates dirt and moisture, eco-friendliness - the technique is less energy-consuming and less resource-intensive).

Modern processing park

As one of few furniture companies, we have a modern metal elements processing park, which allows us to manufacture highly precise and repeatable details.

Laser profile cutting

As one of the first companies in the country, we have implemented serial automatic laser cutting of profiles and metal sheets.

Participation in business events

MARO has continuously been participating in trade fair since the foundation. As early as in 1991, we presented our first collections during Domexpo '91 at the Poznań International Fair. Since 2002 we have been regularly participating in the world's leading trade fair for office and facility furniture - Orgatec.

Cooperation with research centers

At MARO, we strongly believe in cooperation with research centers. Since the beginning of our activity, we have focused on the exchange of experiences, enhancing our knowledge and drawing inspiration. Together with academic communities and students, we have already had numerous opportunities to implement various successful projects.

Educational institutions we have cooperated with:

University of Fine Arts in Poznań

University of Life Sciences in Poznań

AGH University of Science and Technology

Poznań University of Economics