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For 30 years, we have been making sure that office work is comfortable and ergonomic. Our furniture demonstrates our professionalism and love for what we do. We are passionate about creating exquisite and functional things and that translates into a quest for new solutions that turn concepts into products at a higher and higher level. Using innovative engineering solutions, we strive for ensuring that our products are top-notch. Our quality has been proved by ISO 9001 and Geprüfte Sicherheit certificates. This is possible thanks to our technology park, where world-class techniques come together under one roof. As a responsible producer, we wish to minimize our ecological footprint and expect the same from our suppliers.


A family-run furniture company with a global reach where passion and experience translate into tailor-made solutions for each Client.


Taking advantage of our knowledge, technology and many years of experience, we design, manufacture and deliver customized, top quality furniture solutions. We equally lay emphasis on being environmentally friendly and respecting people. We desire to make working anywhere in the world as comfortable, efficient and ergonomic as possible.

Company values

The values we follow in our daily work

At MARO, we strongly value the unusual possibility of customization. We desire our products and services to be tailor-made in order to guarantee the highest customer satisfaction.

Ambition fuels our daily work as we endeavor to do our best in every single undertaking and project.

We are a family-run company that derives its values from the family roots such as respect and care, both for business partners and employees as well as the environment.

Outstanding care is what we wish to offer each and every client. Taking care of our clients’ needs is our priority, therefore we make sure that the client feels comprehensively attended to.

MARO in a nutshell
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Our experience has taught us that only careful listening to the customer's needs allows us to meet market demands.

Therefore, we are doing our best to be up to date with trends and we are constantly improving the constructions of our furniture so that the final product is durable, ergonomic and eye-pleasing.

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Facts and Figures

It is surprising how many different aspects need to coincide in order to smoothly run the company and be successful. Starting from effective management, logistics or wise investments in the machinery park, through various areas, sometimes seemingly distant, such as marketing, construction, all production departments, and ending with shipment and assembly. Each individual in the company has a relevant task to perform and only diligent work for the benefit of the whole allows the company to work like a well-oiled machine. Thanks to this, we can proudly say that our furniture can be found in the largest Polish and European companies.

Machine park

Our Machinery Park guarantees top quality and precision. Thanks to the investments in new techniques and constant search for unconventional solutions, we thrive all the time. We are aware of how valuable the human factor is, therefore some elements of our furniture are hand-made. Gluing the carcasses of curved counters is a job where the human has an advantage over the machine. However, where surgical precision and repeatability in short time are necessary, we take advantage of the latest technique. Wood processing center drills, mills and processes the edges with utmost precision. The quality of our furniture is based on hundreds of trials and tests, thanks to which we are certain that we are second to none

The foundation of the company based in Czerwonak. DOMOEXPO'91 trade fair is also held. Maro participates in it for the first time. After a few years, the company's headquarters moves to Poznań at Średzka St. The first company showroom opens at Towarowa St.


The foundation of the company based in Czerwonak. DOMOEXPO'91 trade fair is also held. Maro participates in it for the first time. After a few years, the company's headquarters moves to Poznań at Średzka St. The first company showroom opens at Towarowa St.

In 1995 MARO moves to Komorniki at 100 Fabianowska St., where it is based up to this day.

MARO, as the first company in the furniture industry, receives ISO 9001 certificate. BETA is created - the first desk with electric height adjustment. In the year 2000 MARO introduces eMeL reception counters and GRAF executive furniture system. We have been selling them up to this day.


MARO exhibits for the first time at the international ORGATEC trade fair. It also develops distribution networks in Germany and Austria. The product portfolio extends by a modern workstations system - eM. 

Investments in the machinery park. Equipping the factory with numerically controlled processing centers and launching the most modern powder paint shop in Europe and one of the most advanced laser processing centers in Poland. 

MARO starts using a revolutionary LaserTec method of melting edges into the board. A new process scheme is implemented. It combines the product from the visualization for the customer with technical programs on the machine into a single process. 

New investments in the machinery park, increasing production efficiency of the factory.