Sustainable development

Sustainable development

MARO perceives sustainable development as a development in which the needs of the current generation can be satisfied without reducing the opportunities of generations to come as well as the respect to natural environment that surrounds us.

Climate action

Environmental awareness is the key to nature protection and care for the climate. At MARO, we assume that we have not inherit the natural environment from our parents, but have only borrowed it from our children, therefore we think ahead and act responsibly, demanding not only from ourselves, but also from our partners. At each stage of our activity, we opt for sensible, eco-friendly solutions, because by caring for the environment, we care for a better future for all of us.

Polymer revolution

At MARO, we are enthusiasts of modern solutions that reduce our impact on the natural environment. An example could be polymer drawers consisting of 95% ingredients of natural origin (including recycled wood and seed shells). With this revolutionary mix, we save 4.5 liters of crude oil I comparison to a traditional plastic drawer. It saves up to 155,000 liters per year. Ask our adviser about the ECO drawer!

The entire supply chain, from the purchase of raw materials up to the entire production process, is carefully controlled in terms of meeting standards, certificates and the use of recycled raw materials.

We treat our components and raw materials with utmost respect, ensuring to make the most of their potential. The wood used for MARO furniture comes only from certified forest plantations.

Our actions are based on the circular economy. 90% of the raw material we obtain derives from wood used for waste production in other industries: wood chips, edgings, sawdust, etc. Thanks to all these activities, we contribute to reducing the consumption of round timber to the absolute minimum.

Responsible consumption and production

We design our products based on the cooperation with designers, experts in the field of ergonomics and end users, so that they are universal, timeless, multifunctional and easy to adapt to various tasks and projects that our clients carry out on a daily basis.

MARO furniture is also subjected to rigorous tests in terms of its durability in order to make sure that it will reliably serve for a long time.

We approach the use of materials for production with great responsibility and constantly invest in modern machines and techniques that help us to run the production process in a more eco-friendly and efficient way.

Environmentally friendly adhesives

For elements that require gluing, we use water glue, produced from natural ingredients from food processing - from annual plants. This approach prevents deforestation and ensures 100% biodegradability of our adhesives. In addition, its use is associated with a lack of formaldehyde emissions from our products.

Laser precision

To finish and protect the edges of the countertops we use a laser edgeband that is melted in the panel structure. This solution guarantees increased durability of connections, much better resistance to moisture, heat, mechanical damage and provides excellent hygienic properties. Thanks to laser technology in the furniture production process, we save 40% of electricity consumption and completely eliminate the presence of adhesives. Find out more about the benefits of laser technique.

Fabrics made 100% of recycled PET bottles

We like everything that is beautiful. That’s why we immediately fell in love with fabrics made 100% of recycled PET bottles. Thanks to the specially designed weave, the fabric is incredibly durable and, at the same time, pleasant to the touch. 22 bottles go into making of one meter of this fabric. Ask our sales specialist about the ECO fabric!

Economic growth and decent work

We are proud of the success, we have achieved on the market and proud that we are able to share it. We feel responsible for the community we are a part of. Therefore, we support local schools, kindergartens and public benefit organizations. We work with foundations, support children from orphanages and local social initiatives. That commitment stems from the system of values we have been holding since the foundation of the company.



Eco-friendly solutions, modern production methods and processes and the products themselves together with their durability prove our huge respect towards the environment and sustainable development.

We are constantly improving our activities to function in harmony with nature and take care of the climate and the environment, thanks to which our approach has already been recognized by numerous institutions.