MARO comapny, founded in 1991, has from the very beginning been contributing to create perfect office spaces. MARO was one of the first companies in Poland to iniciate producing system office furniture. Since then, it has been leading the way in the area of innovative technologies and design.

We are a family-run company that now employs 200 people.

At MARO our employees are the greatest asset. It is thanks to them that we can fully use our production capacity. They look after the quality of our products and excellent customer service. We care about our employeesÔÇÖ satisfaction and we desire them to be proud of the company they work for. Our priority is to ensure safe working conditions. We provide all our employees with support, introductory and qualification training. We organize numerous staff meetings and teambuilding events. Throughout many years of our activity, we have managed to create a real community, thanks to which many of our key employees have been with us since the very beginning.

Three aspects we cherish

We hire for a long time

We value family atmosphere, mutual support and cooperation. We are a company employing nearly 200 people. We all know one another and many of us have been a part of our family since the foundation of MARO. Join our family for years!.

We appreciate creativity

The office furniture industry does not allow for invariability. The projects we work on differ each time. There are new customer needs, new styles of work, new furniture arrangements adapted to a specific place and its size. The tasks assigned to MARO employees are always engaging and relevant to the entire enterprise, market needs and the environment.

We wish our employees to be proud of the products we create together

We design modern, functional and timeless furniture. We try to follow trends and the latest innovations from other fields that can be implemented in office solutions. We cooperate with experts in ergonomics and end users so that final products that leave our factory are a source of great contentment for every employee who has participated in the process of their manufacture, assembly and shipment to the customer.