Work ergonomics

Work ergonomics

At MARO, we understand the importance of ergonomics at every workplace, therefore we specialize in providing furniture which not only looks great, but also promotes a healthy and comfortable work style. A poorly designed workspace can bring discomfort, pain and even long-term health issues for the employee. 

Desks with electric height adjustment


According to the rules of ergonomics, tools, environment and working conditions must be adapted to the anatomical and psychophysical capabilities of the employee. We are well aware of this correlation, because we are specialists in this field.

Here are some of the most relevant features of desks with electric height adjustment that improve the comfort and quality of our work:


  1.  Adaptation to individual needs - thanks to the possibility of height adjustment, electric desks allow you to adjust the height of the work surface to your height and preferences, thus helping you position your body correctly and minimize muscle tension.
  2. Encouragement to change positions - electric desks foster a quick and easy change of postures, which can, in turn, lower the risk of injuries and discomfort caused by sedentary work.
  3. Improved circulation - changing positions regularly as well as upright posture can improve blood circulation and overall well-being, which directly translates into better performance at work.


Desks with height adjustments

Agile solutions


Agile furniture often makes use of modular solutions that let the furniture serve various work modes and tasks. It directly affects the health and well-being of office employees.

Improved ergonomics can reduce the risk of injury and back pain and at the same time boost comfort and efficiency. The design of Agile furniture promotes exercise and frequent position changes. Encouraging movement while doing sedentary work helps prevent inactivity-related health conditions like obesity and heart disease.


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Standup meetings zones 


Tables that enable work in a standing position are a superb alternative to traditional desks. Such a form of work helps to position the spine naturally and reduce the load on back muscles.

Employees are also given more freedom of movement, which is beneficial for switching positions and avoiding having one, static posture for long periods of time.



High tables