Additional services

Additional services

We are primarily for you. We wish every product and service we provide to our clients to be tailor-made so that customer satisfaction is as high as possible. Are you thinking about the needs your current or future office space has? We are here to help you. We will resolve any doubts and support you at every stage of your undertaking. Take a look at what we can do for you:

Architect’s expertise

Office spaces have always been at the heart of our activity. We have broadly developed our expertise in this field and are able to properly respond to changes and emerging needs. Professional designs and lifelike visualizations that we create at MARO convince even the most demanding ones.

Are you wondering what your office space needs? Contact us and you will get extensive and professional support.

  • Inventory
  • Office space development plan
  • Office space rearrangement
  • Project visualization

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Service expertise

At MARO, we will take care of your furniture, thanks to which you will not only reduce your costs, but also contribute to taking care of the environment. Professional maintenance, proper use or regular inspections constitute some of the many aspects that should be kept in mind so that our office space can fulfill its functions in the best possible way and for the longest time. You will also no longer have to worry about disposal of your old furniture - we will do everything for you.

  • Furniture condition audit
  • Furniture disposal

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Financial expertise

In today's dynamic world, the ability to adapt quickly is particularly relevant. At MARO, we have always been thinking about providing our clients with the best solutions. Design work, mobility and many other factors create different needs for office spaces, which is why, in order to meet them, we offer, among others furniture leasing or deferred payment system. Our services will allow you to significantly optimize the financial burden of companies, and provide their employees with the highest standard from the very first day of work. Check it out now and see for yourself.

  • Furniture leasing

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Specialist’s expertise

The environment strongly influences us and our well-being. The organization of spaces is extremely vital for our efficiency, but also for peace and wellness. At MARO, we consider office space as a whole, and therefore every detail is well-thought-out. We are happy to teach you our experiences and make your office modern, stylish and comfortable. Always together with quality, functionality and ergonomics.

  • Change management support – Your Office of Tomorrow
  • Ergonomic assessment of work environment
  • Assessment of workplace effectiveness

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We can do for you everything that your office space needs from you..

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