Office Kitchen


An office kitchen is a special place. Here is where we prepare meals, hang out during breaks and form bonds with our co-workers.  

Therefore, kitchen furniture and equipment should be fully functional and tailored to our needs. This is exactly what CulinArt line of kitchen furniture provides. 

CulinArt office kitchen combines modern design with exceptional functionality. Thanks to a variety of sizes and a wide range of available front and top colors and finishes, CulinArt offers cutting-edge and highly practical design solutions. 

Whether your office kitchen is a small or it is integrated into an open-plan space, CulinArt brings solutions to suit every setting. 

Wall cabinets offer plenty of storage space for cups, plates and bowls. They are easily accessible over the worktop. Base cabinets are perfect for cutlery, heavier dishes and food. These kitchen solutions keep the space tidy and help employees enjoy their break time. 

To complement your office kitchen, canteen or dining room opt for our tables which are available in multiple sizes and in many interesting colors.