What is Agile?

There are many different agile definitions on the web. Nowadays, it is a fashionable word to label companies, books, blogs and even coaches. So what is „Agile”?

In a nutshell, it can be described as a way of working

Working that is in accordance with the values collected and written down by 17 authors, in the Agile Manifesto, created almost 19 years ago. The manifesto itself refers primarily to software development because it was created in a development environment. However, its values and message are nowadays translated into many other environments. It turns out that it can be equally effective in the work of such branches as manufacturing, medicine, industry and more. 

Summary of the Agile Manifesto -12 principles of Agile work:


  • Customer satisfaction is the top priority

The client is satisfied because of early and continuous delivery

  • Readiness to change requirements, even at a late stage

Agile teams treat change as an opportunity, not as a threat.

  • elivering a valuable, working product, often and quickly 

At intervals of several weeks or several months. The more often, the better.

  • Close cooperation

Teams should cooperate in their daily work at all times during project.

  • Motivating working environment

Provide employees with the necessary environment and support and trust them that will perform the task entrusted to them.

  • Face-to-face conversation

is the most effective way to convey information to the team and communicate within it.

  • A working product is the basic measure of progress.

  • Sustainable development that is able to maintain a steady pace

Sponsors, developers and users should be able to keep an even pace.

  • Continuous focus on technical excellence and good design

  • Simplicity

The art of minimizing the amount of necessary work is crucial.

  • Self-organizing teams

provide the best architectural solutions, requirements and designs.

  • Regularly performance improvment

At regular intervals, the team analyzes opportunities to improve their performance, and then fine-tunes and adjusts their actions.

Main advantages of Agile :


 Improving employee
productivity and efficiency

Improving employee health

Possibility to change the arrangement 
of the office regardless of time and needs

Saving about 20% of office space

Creating inspiring and creative space for employees