What do office workers say about electric desks?

The electric desk is a piece of furniture that users can easily adapt to their needs. Both for sitting and standing work. Our customers eagerly choose electrically adjustable desks available in the MARO store. Thanks to that, we know exactly what they think of this piece of furniture and why they value it so much. Of all the desks available in our offer, the electric desk is the most popular one. For good reason. Considering what office workers say about these pieces of furniture, they are certainly worth buying.
  • Electric desk adjusted to fit many employees' needs

Office workers appreciate in electric desks the ability to set the desktop to a level that suits them. This is even more important when they share their workstation with other employees. Being able to work at the desk with their backs straight and feet comfortably placed on the floor allows them to focus on their duties better.

  • Electric desk - a way to eliminate pain

Electric desk users have also noticed that with the ability to work alternately and adjust the height of the desk to their height, they no longer experience back pain and their limbs don’t go numb. They don't struggle with tense shoulder muscles caused by holding their arms in an unnatural position for long periods of time. It's worth mentioning that working in a standing or variable position in general prevents many diseases like obesity, heart disease and type 2 diabetes. It also prevents blood congestion and circulation problems.

  • Electric desk is a modern, designer piece of furniture

Electric desk users appreciate their modern and attractive appearance. These desks create a comfortable atmosphere and thus favorable conditions for working long hours. More than once we have come across employees' statements about how much they appreciate their employers' commitment to the office arrangement, and in particular their workstation.

Electric desks - users' reviews

Below we quote some users' reviews of the electric desk:

"At first I had trouble getting used to working in a variable position. Working standing up was something completely new for me. However, now, after using this piece of furniture for a couple of months, I think it's great. I don't experience any back pain anymore. Before, I had sore shoulders because the desk I was sitting at was too high and I had to keep my shoulders up. Now I work much more comfortably."

“Our employer provided us with an electric desk when he renovated the entire dental surgery. I work at the reception desk by turns with a colleague. Sometimes we have a lot of paperwork and computer work. For me, the great thing is that I can adjust the height of the desktop to my height. This makes even working for long hours not so onerous."

"I used to find working at a desk terribly inconvenient. Working 8 hours a day without being able to move from my seat, I experienced great discomfort. I didn't know what to do with my legs. I slouched, wriggled, and couldn't focus on my work. Since they replaced our desks with ones with adjustable desktops, I no longer feel such discomfort. The ability to work standing up is also a plus. It's an extra activity for me during the day."

Electric desks in MARO store

Our offer consists of a large collection of electric desks, among which you are sure to find a desk that will meet your expectations. These desks are made from the finest materials, with utmost precision, following the latest trends. We offer both single and multi-person models with partitions that provide privacy whenever needed. Whether you are looking for a desk for a home office or a company, for yourself or your employees, consider the following models:

Among our offer, you will find more than one desk that meets your technical, visual, and functional expectations. Check out the entire collection of electric desks from MARO.