How to effectively choose a double desk for a home office?

A double desk is a piece of furniture that is designed to optimize space as much as possible. If selected well, it can create comfortable working conditions in a home office. This solution works well in situations where it’s not possible to create two separate workstations.
Double desk - a piece of furniture full of benefits

Working in a team of even two people allows you to exchange ideas, conduct quick brainstorming sessions, and on top of that, allows easy and undisturbed communication between co-workers. Sometimes the need to work at one desk comes down to the fact that the space in which you need to organize your home office in is very restricted. In such situations, double desks are perfect, as they create a creative collaborative atmosphere, but, if needed, allow you to organize your workstation in such a way that you can get more privacy and therefore focus better. Double desks are also offered by our MARO Office Furniture Factory.

Which double desk to choose?

On the office furniture market, you can find models made of different materials, with different sizes, or ones equipped with additional features and modern mechanisms. Thus, in buyers' minds, pop up more and more dilemmas about which double desk to choose. So, we suggest what to pay attention to when buying a desk for two people so that it would be a good purchase.

Standard vs electric double desk

First of all, you need to figure out whether you want a height-adjustable desk or a standard piece of furniture.

K-eM Bench Workstation is a traditional desk, at which more people can sit. This depends mainly on the top width. In the case of two people, a tabletop measuring 1200 mm in width is completely enough. This piece of furniture can be equipped with a panel or upholstered partition screen with pin 6, but feel free to go for a version with no partition at all. The K-eM Bench desk allows for easy and aesthetically pleasing cable management. It catches the eye with its classic form of square legs, adding a timeless touch to the whole. The version of the desk will fit perfectly in any space. Thus, it is ideal for a home office.

A fascinating and, above all, highly functional solution is the electric desk. A model designed to be used by two individuals is undoubtedly Lano-E 300 F Bench desk - a workstation with electric height adjustment. Each user can raise the desktop to the desired height. The central partition creates comfortable conditions for independent work with full focus. The classic design of the furniture facilitates effortless integration with the rest of the interior furnishings. The ability to adjust the desktop height not only affects work comfort, but also its quality, pace, and consequently, efficiency.

  • Double desk with a small vs large top

When buying a desk, it is essential to pay attention to the size of the tabletop. In case the piece of furniture is going to be used by two people, a top with a width of 1200 mm will be absolutely sufficient. This parameter plays a paramount role also due to the furniture's position in the room. When it comes to dimensions, the desk must meet individual needs and match the size of the room itself.

  • Double desk with one or two tops

In furniture stores you can get double desks with one or two tops, but supported by a single frame. A desk with a one-height top is difficult to adjust to the different height people needs. Therefore, it is definitely better to choose a model with two tops, in addition, electrically adjustable one. This gives you the opportunity to perfectly adjust the height to the need of both users.

  • Double desk made of durable materials

When choosing a desk for a home office, it is essential to check what materials it was made of and with what degree of care. Sturdy, and therefore durable construction will allow you to use the furniture for many years, even despite heavy usage. It is worth keeping in mind that one desk will be used by two people, so the furniture will wear out easily and twice as fast. However, if it was made of good quality materials, it will last much longer.

The double desk installed in a small home office is definitely a better solution than two separate desks. What's more, a model with electrically adjustable tops guarantees a perfect fit for each user. All this has a huge impact on the work quality and efficiency, and on top of that, employees' health and well-being.