Electric desks for students: is it worth investing in health from a young age?

Students, trying to arrange their personal space in a shared room or apartment, don’t pay much attention to the desk they use. However, it is at this desk that they will be spending long hours studying and working on the computer. Check out how students’ health can benefit from the use of an electric desk.
Why is proper body posture at a desk so important?

Incorrect posture while studying long hours at a desk leads to a number of health issues.

  • It contributes to spinal pain. Due to the uneven distribution of weight, the lumbar and cervical spine is overloaded.
  • There is a risk of getting a hump in the future, or lateral twisting of the spine, as well as abnormal development of lordosis and kyphosis.
  • It leads to chest closure and breathing problems.
  • It causes excessive pressure on abdominal organs, and this automatically results in slower bowel movement and metabolism.
  • It causes headaches and excessive facial muscle tension.
  • It definitely impairs concentration and reduces learning quality.

The correct posture while studying at a computer and desk has a crucial impact on the student's health and well-being.

What does the correct posture at a desk look like?

The habit of maintaining the correct posture at the desk should be formed from an early age. Then, the students will have no problem finding the right desk for themselves and, above all, will easily determine what kind of furniture they need. The correct sitting position at a desk is the one in which:

  • your eyes are about 50 cm away from the screen,
  • your back is straight,
  • your legs are resting on the ground and your knee bend forms a right angle,
  • your elbows are resting on the armrests,
  • your wrists are resting on the desk top.

You can keep such a posture with the correct adjustment of your chair and desk!

Electric desk - an ideal piece of furniture for students

The student searching for the right desk, should consider the optimal size of the top. They will use it to keep books, notes and other necessary study materials. The desktop should also provide space for a laptop or monitor.

The second vital factor while choosing a desk is its height, which is probably one of the most difficult choices that buyers have to make unless they go for a piece of furniture with an electrically adjustable top. And that's our proposal - a desk with an adjustable height.

In spite of appearances, this desk has a very simple structure. It consists of a sturdy base and a wooden top. Also, the top is equipped with a mechanism with a motor. An additional advantage of this desk is the option to adjust the height of the top according to the user's needs. The adjustment is made with the help of an intuitive panel and comes down to the use of a single button.

The well-adjusted top height is beneficial for the student comfort, concentration and health. Thanks to this, despite many hours of studying, they do not feel severe fatigue, back or neck pain. The advantage of an adjustable desk is the possibility to study in both sitting and standing positions. This variability fosters physical activity and maintains healthy habits.

MARO electric desk - our proposal

Opt for an electric desk with a high modesty panel from Wariant collection. This model is equipped with a high panel and electric height adjustment of the top. You can customize its design in little detail with the help of our online configurator. This particular model is one of the smallest desks available in our offer. Therefore, it is also an excellent choice for not so spacious interiors.

Note that students don’t only study. They are also very often keen on playing computer games as their pastime. This naturally results in more hours spent at the desk. That is why this piece of furniture must meet their specific needs and perfectly fit their bodies, including height. Check out our offer to see what other furniture from MARO Office Furniture Factory can facilitate your life.