Perfect reception counter for your business

A reception counter is the first thing visitors notice when they enter your office or company headquarters. It is your company’s showpiece and the first impression you make on your customers and business partners. That's why it's vital for the reception counter to be not only practical, but also presentable and matching the nature of your business. At MARO Office Furniture Factory, we realize that, and therefore, we offer Emel and Vero reception counters that meet the highest standards in terms of sizes, materials as well as style.

Vero reception counter - creative setup and functionality 

This reception counter has been designed to inspire creativity. You can opt for a color combination of your choice. Use bold colors to create a unique piece that reflects the character of your business. The straight and curved modules give you the freedom of customization, allowing you to create both single and multi-element reception counters.  

Not only are they the highlight of your office space, but they’re also functional. These features make our reception counters so outstanding. Aesthetic cable management and an ergonomic monitor shelf ensure work comfort. Vero reception counters guarantee the best first impression, and serve you to perform your daily tasks efficiently.  

Reception counter sizes adapted to your office space 

Regardless of whether you have a spacious lobby or a small reception corner, MARO reception counters are available in a large variety of sizes. They can be easily adapted to the available space. Whether it's a small, cozy space or a large and modern interior, MARO has the right reception counter to perfectly suit the character of your place. 

Diverse styles and top-quality materials 

We are aware that quality is the key factor when it comes to durability and aesthetics of reception counters. Our Emel and Vero reception counters are made of top-quality materials that guarantee not only an elegant design, but also durability for many years of use. Wood, steel, glass, to name a few - these are the materials you can choose from to design a custom reception counter for your office. 

The style of the reception counter should reflect your business’s identity and create a consistent visual whole with the rest of the space. MARO offers reception counters in a large selection of styles - from modern, minimalist designs to more classic ones and models with an elegant touch. Whether you run a cutting-edge advertising agency or a law office, you'll find the right style in MARO's offer. 

Emel reception counter – balanced form and durable materials 

Our reception counters are very well-designed and produced with top-class materials, which are distinguished not only by their attractive aesthetics, but above all by their high durability. Choosing the right colors makes the reception counter gain a unique character, thanks to which the entire office space becomes consistent. Glass and chromium-plated elements are a perfect combination that has proven to work exceptionally well in different office spaces. Emel reception counters not only make your interior look light and elegant, but they also ensure functionality and durability. 

Glass is a versatile material that adds a modern vibe to the furniture and is also resistant to damage. Chromium-plated steel elements, on the other hand, brighten up the room and appear professional. This combination makes Emel counters reliable, aesthetically stunning and ready to meet the demands of the users. 


Summary – reception counter in the spotlight

Before you design a reception counter, it's worth carefully thinking it over. Adaptable sizes, high-quality materials and cohesive style are the most relevant features that distinguish MARO reception counters. A wide selection of reception counters allows you to customize a piece of furniture to suit the inimitable nature of your business and its brand identity. Regardless of whether you go for a more modern look or classic elegance, MARO Office Furniture Factory has the right offer for you. Ensure your company makes a long-lasting first impression with a MARO reception counter.