Best ways to organize your reception area

Effective space management is a key element when it comes to designing a modern office. In today’s business world proper organization of the reception area matters a lot for creating your business image and providing smooth customer service. This article takes a closer look at the best practices, which contribute to creating friendly environment both for the visitors as well as the staff. At MARO Office Furniture Factory we know what we do!

Ergonomic space organization of the reception area

The key element is the right distribution of furniture and equipment such as a reception counter. An ergonomic layout of the reception area facilitates a smooth course of motion, shortens queues, thus reducing stress levels of both visitors and employees. Providing access for people with disabilities is also crucial for everyone’s convenience.

Welcoming lighting in the reception area

Proper lighting plays a major role in creating a pleasant ambience of the reception area. Opt for natural light, but if not possible, use soft glare-free lamps and bulbs. Lighting should be both functional and aesthetically pleasing to provide visual comfort to visitors and employees.

Suitable furnishings

The choice of furnishings (not just a reception counter) should take into regard the comfort of both customers and staff. Comfortable, ergonomic chairs, well-designed workstations and waiting areas with comfy armchairs have a positive impact on how others perceive the company.

Visual cohesion and branding

The reception area is often the first thing you notice about the brand. Organizing a visually consistent space that reflects company values and aesthetics is of great importance. Displaying the brand's logo and colors in a subtle way contributes to wider brand recognizability.

Useful information

Placing clear visual signs, information and instructions helps guests find their way around the reception area without any problems. All of these elements should be legible and accessible to minimize confusion and the likelihood of staff intervention.

Technology use

The introduction of self-service systems, electronic information boards or Wi-Fi access are the factors that make communication easier and are associated with modernity and innovation.


Effective organization of a reception space requires consideration of visitor and staff comfort. By organizing the space right, choosing friendly lighting, comfortable furnishings and managing consistent brand image, you can create a place one wants to be in. At MARO Office Furniture Factory we are well aware of this. Contact us to find out more.