New products at MARO

Recent changes on the furniture market have been very fast-paced. This is related to the growing awareness of employee comfort in offices as well as the shift away from the classic working systems towards hybrid work. Lately, much agile office furniture, which adapts to home office work, has appeared on the market. There are also many products designed with a view to streamline office work. More and more attention is paid to the negative impact of noise on employees' efficiency and well-being.

New product line

You can find solutions to these and other challenges of modern office interiors in the offer of MARO - an office furniture producer. We regularly update our offer to meet the demands of the evolving market. The greatest change this year so far has been the launch of a collection of acoustic furniture in early February. These are entirely new products, opening up new directions in our portfolio. Therefore, in order to bring you closer to the ideas that accompanied us during their development and describe the construction of these products in more detail, we decided to briefly outline them here. The first two products which were introduced to our offer were AcuPro and CubiSound wall absorbers. CubiSound panels also come in pendant versions.

AcuPro – perfect acoustic panels for your office

The first product we are pleased to present to you is called AcuPro. This is a modular system of acoustic absorbers. They consist of upholstered elements arranged alternately with felt inserts. Each module can be customized with different colors, therefore everyone can adjust their layout to suit their own preferences. In addition, AcuPro can be fixed both vertically and horizontally, which makes the panels even more adaptable to any office type.

Each panel consists of 7 upholstered modules. Apart from their visual appeal, the sound absorption properties of the panels are vital. AcuPro acoustic absorbers have been independently tested for sound insulation and received the highest possible rating (Class A). Moreover, an extra shelf which can be installed between each column enhances the functionality of the panels.

CubiSound – more than just soundproofing

Another new product in the offer of MARO Office Furniture Factory is a set of acoustic panels designed to complement the collection of acoustic furniture - CubiSound. What distinguishes them from AcuPro, except their shape, is the fact that they come in both wall and pendant versions. Thanks to a broad range of colors, customers can match the panels to their office design. At the same time, the plethora of configuration options can inspire and support architects during the design process. The shapes of CubiSound absorbers can be either symmetrical or asymmetrical.

This increases the number of configuration options even further. In addition, the acoustic absorbers are available in 3 sizes: 600 mm x 600 mm, 900 mm x 900 mm and 1200 mm x 1200 mm. The modules of different dimensions can be combined on a wall or ceiling to form outstanding layouts. Like AcuPro, CubiSound acoustic panels have been tested for sound absorption by the Maritime Advanced Research Center in Gdańsk, Poland and, similarly to AcuPro, received the highest possible rating (A).

MARO Office Furniture Factory – green approach to furniture manufacturing

At MARO, we have long been aware of the significance of the responsible use of our planet's resources. Therefore, when designing the absorbers, we not only took acoustic and decorative aspects into account, but we also addressed eco-friendliness. Striving to reduce our carbon footprint and make use of as many recycled materials as possible, we decided to fill our panels with recycled foam and soundproofing felt. We also offer 100% recycled fabrics to upholster individual panels.

Partnership with a world-class designer

These collections were created in collaboration with Studio Rygalik, which represents and promotes a mindful approach to design. They are focused on meeting the challenges of the modern world advocating for sustainable development, responsible consumption of materials and our planet’s resources. The office furniture developed as a result of this cooperation is not only highly functional, but also remarkable in style.


In a constantly changing market, no company should stay stagnant. MARO Office Furniture Factory regularly broadens their product range by adapting to the latest trends. With the new acoustic collections, we are able to customize any office to meet state-of-the-art acoustic standards. Both AcuPro and CubiSound panels will serve as a sophisticated addition to any office interior. Thanks to their high sound absorption levels, they are immensely practical. Our new collections are now available for purchase. We welcome you to reach out to us to place an order.

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