Rules of creating an ergonomic workstation for two employees

An ergonomic workstation is a comfortable chair, a desk with a top at the right height, properly set monitor and good lighting. In this piece we’d like to present the rules of creating an ergonomic workstation not for one but for two people.
Ergonomic workstation - description

You could describe an ergonomic workstation with one short sentence: a place that is suitably adapted to the anthropometric characteristics of the user, one that must not influence badly our health and well-being. On the contrary, it should facilitate comfortable conditions that promote increased productivity at work.

We need to remember about properly choosing the size of the desk so that the user could comfortably place all their tools they need to work. The top itself should be set at a height that eliminates the need for physiologically unnatural body movements or forced positions.

Given all this, is it even possible to create one workstation for two people with different body types? We know a few tricks how to create space so that the result is combined ergonomics and collaboration. Here are the rules of creating an ergonomic workstation that will satisfy needs of two users.

Ergonomic workspace - rules of creation

When creating an ergonomic workstation, you need to pay attention to several essential rules:

  • Proper space management 

Not only need you to remember about the heating/air conditioning, lighting and acoustic insulation, but also consider the emergency exit. It has huge impact on the worker's mental health and well-being. The temperature in the room should not exceed 18 °C. The lighting must not be too strong or too weak. It is intended to reduce eye strain. The room must be suitably soundproofed to allow for working in full concentration.

  • Equipment adjusted for workplace

The chair should be adopted to the desk, especially in terms of the distance between the seat and the top. The set up should ideally suit the needs of the user. This principle also applies to the computer equipment, including the distance between your eyes and the monitor. The screen must be at eye level, in addition to a distance of at least 50 cm, in the case of a 20-24" monitor. The positioning of furniture and computer equipment is intended to eliminate the need to adopt forced positions that cause discomfort and lead to spinal disorders, among other things.

How to create ergonomic workstation for two people

A workstation should allow you to adopt a correct position, as this immensely influences your comfort, mental health and quality and pace of your work. The question arises: how to create a workplace for two people with different body types and totally different needs and expectations of the desk? In such a case the only sensible solution is a double desk with additional height adjustment.

The double electric desk allows you to easily set up an ergonomic workstation for two people. Such a desk is equipped with one desk frame but two tops that are separately adjustable. Two people of totally different heights and different needs for the workstation can work at the electric desk. A double desk saves a lot of space in a small room. What is more, a desk for two users promotes collaboration. It improves the relationship between the employees, creates an environment that facilitates the rapid transfer of information, and influences mutual motivation for work. However, it also allows the employees to work in full concentration and the partition screen that separates one top from the other provides them with expected privacy.

Ergonomic workstation with desks by MARO

Our MARO Office Furniture Factory offers a range of interesting models, including electric desks that can create ergonomic workstations for up to two people at the same time. The top selling desks:

With each and every of these desks you can choose the width of the top, which automatically allows the furniture to be adapted even more closely to the individual needs of the users and the workspace itself.

To sum up, following the rules of the ergonomics is extremely important for increased productivity of the employee and their health. A good workstation boosts the relationship between the employees and makes it easier for them to keep in touch while working together on joint projects.