Don't apologize for success

The way to the top tends to be winding and bumpy. Major business people will admit that there are thousands of working hours behind their success and that the office is their second home. Why neglect your office, then? Let’s make the place that competes with our sweet home equally beautiful, arranged with passion and care for details.

In Ario collection, prestige and design go hand in hand. Desks, credenza units, conference tables are designed to make your work more inspiring.

Polished stone, which is an incredibly stylish material, has recently gained popularity in projects for both private and public spaces. Since MARO does not only want to follow trends, but also set them, we decided to sneak several ideas into office interiors and refurbish Ario collection. Thanks to that, Ario has gained a unique and timeless look, while being in line with the current trends. Apart from three types of sinter, which can be used as, for instance, a desk top, pedestal covering, or cabinet fronts, we can also use veneer, glass, leather, and chipboard covered with melamine resin in colors that match the collection to create tailor-made compositions.

Refurbished Ario executive desks are not only sophisticated, but also extremely utile. The desk supported on a cabinet is equipped with an induction charger, an electronic lock with remote control, and some space at the back of the cabinet for invisible cable management. It is also possible to choose a fixed-height or electric desk, which enables to adjust the desk height to the needs of the user. We understand that working long hours at a desk can take its toll, so the adjustment range allows you to work in a standing position.

We wish to emphasize your value on the market with our executive furniture.

Conference tables offer a wide choice of customization options. Among them, there is a model with natural leather elements and a lacobel glass panel. Despite the utmost care for the aesthetics of the furniture, we have not forgotten about its functionality. The possibility of adding a netbox, a cable channel and cable management space mounted into a table leg make every architect’s dream come true - space free of cable clutter. The wide array of credenza units in Ario collection offers, among others, a unit with a hidden refrigerator, retractable TV, and even an electric lift which allows for easy access to the coffee machine and tableware.

Don't apologize for your success - allow yourself to show it to the world.