Collaboration between MARO and The University of Fine Arts

On February 24-28, during Arena Design, you will be able to see the results of cooperation between MARO Office Furniture and a group of students from the Poznań University of Fine Arts. The collaboration took place as a part of the 19th edition of the Education and Design Program (PE-P) which aimed at gaining knowledge and design skills development based on direct cooperation with industry.

This year’s task concerned co-working spaces characterized by individual approach to the employee’s needs. The determinants were: mobility, flexibility, functionality and modern look.

The concept of PE-P comes from the need to combine design education with the realities and requirements of the market and that the design should be a permanent and inalienable element in the production process.

During the project, sixteen students of furniture design and industrial design majors from the University of Fine Arts in Poznan, working in six design teams, developed independent projects from which representatives of partner companies chose the most interesting ones. At further stages, projects were developed and prototyped in details. The result of cooperation is a wide collection of furniture that responds to the assumptions of the modern work system.

Works on the project were divided into several stages, projects were discussed with designers, prototyped with engineers, materials as well as technical solutions were analyzed by experts. Students have received professional technological support that was motivating them to intensify the work on new designs.

As a result, nine furniture pieces for mobile work were created: 4 cabinets that come in different sizes, an organizational pedestal, multifunctional desk, an informal meeting table, an ultramobile work station and a cloakroom. Designed furniture is fully compatible, yet fully functional as independent pieces. Interesting form and functionality are emphasized by specially designed decors.

You will be able to do see, touch, smell the effects of our co-operation with students during Arena Design which will take place in Poznan International Fair on February 25-28, to which we cordially invite you!