Are electric desks eco-friendly? Energy consumption analysis

Changing your position from sitting to standing while working for hours has a positive impact on your mood, health and productivity. An electric desk allows you to adjust the height of your desktop in just a few seconds. This is thanks to a modern mechanism powered by electricity. Does a height-adjustable desk generate higher electricity bills?

How does the desk height adjustment mechanism work?

The mechanism used in electric desks works only when the desk is plugged in. So, you need to press only one button to adjust the desk to the expected height. Because of the electrics, such a piece of furniture is wired and equipped with a control device. However, all these components are skillfully hidden under the desktop or in special cases, so they don’t ruin the aesthetics of the desk, or bother the users. The professional mechanism works very smoothly, quickly, and most importantly, it is easy to use.

How much electricity does an electric desk consume?

Most electric desks on the market consume up to 0.5 W in sleep mode. While in working mode, it consumes up to 100 W. However, note that it takes only a few seconds to adjust the level of the desk. Furthermore, power consumption depends on:

  • the desk model and the mechanism design responsible for adjusting the desktop height level,
  • the weight of the objects on the desktop as well as the weight of the desktop itself, which the mechanism must support,
  • the frequency of top adjustment.

Due to the above, it is difficult to estimate exactly how much electricity an electric motor desk consumes. Even more so, it is impossible to provide a fixed amount of increase in the electricity bill, keeping in mind that the electricity rate is constantly changing. One thing that is certain, is the fact that electric desks are energy efficient furniture.

For comparison, it is worth mentioning that a laptop consumes between 50 and 100 Wh depending on the model. In addition, this device runs for much longer than the mechanism that adjusts the height level of the top.

Electric desk as an energy-efficient piece of furniture

The electric desk, thanks to modern mechanisms, consumes energy only when necessary. Therefore, we can assume that energy consumption during the everyday use is minimal. It is also worth noting that the desk with an electrically adjustable top is powered by a standard 230V power outlet. Low power consumption makes this piece of furniture an ideal solution for people who live in harmony with nature and want to take care of the environment in every possible way.

MARO electric desks offer

Our MARO Office Furniture Factory has a range of functional electric desk models. Among them are cutting-edge pieces of furniture with low energy consumption. Both single workstations and team workstations are worth noticing. StartUs-E electric height-adjustable desk may consume slightly less electricity than Lano-E 300 F Bench, which serves as a workstation for multiple users. However, we are still talking about very low power consumption. No matter which one you choose, you can be sure that a MARO electric desk will definitely not contribute to a significant increase in your electricity bill!