Office design trends for 2021

The turn of the year is usually marked by summaries, but also waiting for the new things to come. 2020 baffled us and caused many changes.

We have distinguished 7 trends to follow in 2021:

Earthy tones.

Platinum Gray and Beige Cashmere are boards in warm colors that combine well with both the veneered board and polished stone, which we will be available in the upcoming collection - Ario.

Potted plants, which have become immensely popular, perfectly complement this trend. This emphasizes our need for communing with nature. Browns, greens, beiges and other natural colors correspond to the second trend which is eco-friendliness.

Environmental friendliness

The eco-friendly trend has been growing among companies for some time. The fact that more and more companies are paying attention to how they can make a difference and reduce their carbon footprint shows that they are keeping up with the times and going with the current public feelings. The trend is not fading outside office spaces too. Each of us can contribute to changing the mindset of those in charge of environment-related matters. It is enough to choose consciously the companies that are mindful of their responsibility. MARO speaks openly about actions taken in favor of ecology:

  • Thanks to laser technology, the use of adhesives is completely reduced in furniture production process, thus, electricity consumption decreases by 40%.
  • MARO's offer includes fabrics made of 100% PET bottles.
  • For elements that require gluing water adhesive is used, made of natural ingredients from food processing - annual plants. It is 100% biodegradable.
  • MARO offers polymer drawers composed of 95% natural ingredients (including recycled wood and seed shells). Thanks to this revolutionary blend, 4.5 liters of crude oil can be saved compared to a traditional plastic drawer. It saves even 155,000 liters per year.
  • MARO uses trees from only certified and controlled forest plantations.
  • In cooperation with our suppliers, 6 new trees are planted for every 5 trees cut down used to produce MARO furniture.
  • Thanks to the use of an eco-friendly adhesives, whose main quality is their high bond strength, it is possible to use a thinner back wall in case furniture, while maintaining the same stability of the furniture as when using a standard wall. Due to this solution, MARO saves over 2,300 tons of wood per year.
  • The use of 25 mm thick shelves has reduced the amount of waste by 15%.

Mobility in the office

Prior to the outbreak of the pandemic, agile approach had been getting rolling in offices. Agile work aims at increasing efficiency and prompting creative thinking. In response to market needs, MARO created Wariant collection - mobile furniture that adapts to the current needs of your team and allows you to rearrange your office layout in just few seconds. Nobody had expected how much the new collection would fit in with the trends for 2021. The global situation has enhanced the need to work with mobile furniture, as currently lots of employers are opting for hybrid work or home office. It has been quickly observed that spaces which are not fully utilized generate costs. Therefore, mobile offices will be trending up in 2021 as they allow you to adjust the office to the pending tasks, the number of employees and they also maintain the functionality of the office with less office space.


We have known for a long time that we spend most of our lives at work, therefore the office should be a place where we simply feel comfortable. Homelike projects will address this need. Consistent style, designer accessories and comfortable places for casual conversations will prevail. However, the individual character of the interior will be the key factor. In projects, it is worth reflecting the history of your company, its origin or field of activity. The proper lightening and such elements as a company kitchen will also count. Appropriate kitchen arrangement helps to establish private relationships among employees, which in turn translate into better communication at work. It is worth pointing out that more and more large companies are incorporating leisure areas. We are spending so much time at work that it is hard to keep our performance at the same level, especially during the last hours of work.

Employers more and more often understand that they can gain much more by allowing some time out. In chillout rooms you can rest for a while, gather your thoughts or have a stimulating discussion. A chitchat with a colleague from another department in entirely casual atmosphere can bring surprising results. For that reason, architects eagerly fill all recesses and communication spaces with seats. In a classic office, we only communicate with colleagues from adjacent desks. Modern projects allow for ad-hoc meetings and a fresh angle on other employees’ issues. It supports the spread of knowledge. The ambience is frequently a vital factor for working for a specific company. Since we have mentioned office arrangement, we are smoothly moving towards the subsequent trend.

Designing offices as a marketing element

Numerous companies emphasize that people are the core of the company. Employers make every effort to retain existing employees and attract new ones. After all, a highly-reputed company has an opportunity to employ top professionals on the market. New generations, however, expect more than a decent pay. Appealing office arrangement is more and more often mentioned by applicants as a factor that encourages them to join the company. Nevertheless, it is not all about employment. Young employees are keen on showing off in social media that they work in inspiring premises. Such content from the office can act as a great brand reinforcement. An employee proud of his or her workplace identifies him or herself with the company and becomes more attached to it.


Thanks to refined office spaces, all kinds of company events (as for instance audits or training courses) take place in an atmosphere of passion and professionalism. The trend for this year will be an office design consistent with the brand, conveying a clear message - we are a company with a strong position on the market that is not afraid to invest in its employees and their comfort. Such an image in social media may be understood as an informal invitation to cooperation. For this reason, it is worth taking care of the image of your company.


Another trend for 2021 will be acoustic comfort. Common open spaces, which are more and more criticized, will not disappear so quickly. Therefore, in order to make work in noise possible, this year we are focusing on elements of equipment that absorb sounds thanks to their design. The choice on the market is wide - standalone panels, ceiling panels or desk partition screens. MARO offers cabinets with smart, sound-insulating shutters. Their properties allow to reduce noise level, which is the main stress factor. RAUVOLET is a patented and awarded acoustic system. As a supplement, MARO also offers pedestals with acoustic fronts. The adjacency of such furniture will surely improve the quality of work where noise is particularly bothersome.


The last listed trend is modern technology which makes office life easier. Young people entering the labor market, accustomed to the conveniences provided by technology, will expect the same level of technological advancement from their future employers. An innovative approach to work will prevail. Among the functions that will definitely improve work we can distinguish an app where your employees can confirm that you are in the office or book unassigned work stations and conference rooms. MARO electric desks with a premium Bluetooth remote control adjust the top height to the user. They also remind you when to change your position. The upcoming Ario collection will surprise you with a built-in induction charger in a sideboard or with a remote locking system of the cabinets. A technologically advanced office will increase the efficiency of employees and attract talents so desired on the labor market.