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Home office desk - this phrase has been searched for more and more frequently.

Often, those who have not previously planned to work remotely have to consider such a purchase. The situation does not appear to go back to the pre-epidemic state soon therefore we should be prepared for the fact that home office or hybrid work may become established practice in many companies. After all, some employers have noticed that well-planned home office work allow them to maintain constant income despite the absence of employees in the office. This solution, despite its peculiar difficulties, has obviously a number of advantages as well. Employers reduce maintenance costs, whereas employees save on commuting. A huge advantage of remote work for both groups is the lack of geographic barriers. Top professionals have the chance to work in a company that offers them the best conditions, without changing their place of residence. The same applies to the employers who have started to hire employees remotely - they have a much wider choice when building a team.

When switching to remote or hybrid work, we naturally start to think about the arrangement of the work space. Unless you have a proper space intended just for work, at MARO we have created a special solution for you. A home office desk is different from a desk in a company headquarters in that except ergonomic factors, it should also be stylish, fit well into home space and not take up too much room. These were the guidelines we followed when creating StartUs collection, dedicated to work from home.

Our StartUs-S and StartUs-E desks are distinguished above all by the fact that after finishing work, we can 'close' them so that they take up as little space as possible. When folded, their solids resemble chests of drawers in two sizes. Thanks to a wide range of colors, the desk will blend in smoothly with any apartment design. It will be especially appreciated by those working on desktop computers. The StartUs-S model allows you to hide both the central unit and the monitor, and thanks to the outlet we can avoid cable clutter. In the monitor hiding place it is also possible to store office supplies.

For those whose working day does not finish after 8 hours, we offer StartUs - E - a desk with electric height adjustment. Alternate work in a standing and sitting position will enhance our performance of everyday work duties, saving our backs. The Premium Bluetooth remote control will remind you when to change your position by means of a special application. In addition, thanks to the height adjustment, this piece of furniture will also be appreciated by younger users.

A priceless advantage of StartUs desks is that thanks to the possibility of interblending them with typical home furniture, we can place them even where we would not put a classic desk - e.g. in a hall or dressing room. The idea behind StartUs collection is that the work space takes up room only during use, and it can subsequently be converted into a compact piece of furniture, thus contributing to maintaining the balance between work and leisure. Home Office is often a trap for workaholics, which is why the ability to clearly separate work area from a resting place is an indisputable pro of StartUs desks.