Brand new collections - Lusso and Fineze

Unique aesthetics, original shapes and inimitable design. New collections of shelf units and occasional tables will transform your space.

Does all office furniture have to be lackluster?

We think differently. We make office spaces look lighter and more imaginative. We are aware that the surroundings affect our mood, and therefore, we make furniture that creates wonderful work spaces. The stimuli we receive boost or weaken our effectiveness at work. In a dull office space, work is tedious, we easily stagnate and get discouraged faster. We all need impulses to encourage action and creativity.

A harmonious combination of elegance, lightness and cozy colors will undoubtedly create a space you want to be in. Fineze shelf units and Lusso occasional tables have been made to furnish such spaces. This feel-good furniture will bring a hint of fantasy to any office interior.

Fineze collection of shelf units and Lusso collection of occasional tables have been designed to make our work environment more inviting. We don’t want to limit the function of our furniture solely to utility. We wish to boost the look of offices, hotel lobbies, cafeterias and flats.

Fineze shelf units

Fineze collection is the power of elegance, fantasy and lightness. The unique shapes of the shelf units and their inimitable aesthetics highlight the design. You can combine different colors and materials and, thanks to that, your interior will be even more appealing.

Fineze shelf units complement executive rooms, however they are also perfect for shared office spaces. Office chillout zones equipped with Fineze shelf units are not only immensely useful, but they also appear light and encourage rest.

Fineze collection opens up a new array of outstanding possibilities. A wide range of furniture available in different finishes offers countless inspirations for interior designers.

View product example: Fineze Tri

Lusso occasional tables

Lusso occasional tables redefine functionality and design. If you consider a table to be a set of legs with a top, you’ll likely to change your mind after taking a glance at Lusso. Our designers have created a collection of unusual ocassional tables. The tables are equipped with polished stone or glass tops. The variety of shapes and structures are undeniable advantages of Lusso occasional tables.

Lusso occasional tables can even come in handy for furnishing hotel lobbies, clubs, cafeterias and flats. They make the interiors look elegant. Lusso collection has been designed taking into account current trends. The vivid colors and metal elements suit perfectly modern interiors.

View product example: Lusso 3

Modern furniture for your office

The unique design of Lusso occasional tables has been achieved thanks to the combination of panel boards and glass and polished stone tops of different shapes. We have also succeeded in creating a subtle structure. The dissimilar colors of the legs and top make the tables look modern, elegant and stylish.

Fineze and Lusso break up with design standards and stimulate imagination. We have put much effort and imagination into creating a collection of exceptional furniture that would inspire to search on and cooperate with our company. The things we do for our clients.

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